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Wildlife and Nature Fixer & Filming Agent

The best fixer in wildlife and nature filming.
WildEx is led by an experienced wildlife videographer which puts us in a good position of being able to fix and assist your next filming in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda. We do all the fixer things that are critical to any filming in the industry – We organize and obtain: licenses and permits, permissions, transport, importation of equipements /gear, accommodation, sourcing local equipment (aerial filming, cameras e.t.c), and pre-location survey.

We are a passionate team with the vision of delivering
the best & exiting experience for customers

Why Film in East Africa?

East Africa is a popular and renowned location for wildlife, nature, and cultural documentary for ages now. With Kenya and Tanzania leading in wildlife ranging from big cats to marine life, it is with no doubt that this is the first choice nature documenters will think of. The entire region is also rich in an extraordinary mix of culture and tradition with their authenticity standing out.
The region is also best preferred for the seasonal sports that are of international interest such as athletics and motorsports.

This is what we do on location:


What our filming vehicles are made of?

A Custom Made is The Best
We understand that filming vehicle in the wilderness is a very important tool. It is the mobility, shelter, a hide, and a studio. For this reason, we use the most reliable and highly customizable vehicle in Africa. We use Toyota Land Cruisers unless specified by the client.
The first option we give is to customize according to the need of the assignment and the equipment to be used in the project. This is more likely to require more time prior to its usage but better than sorry.
our normal filming vehicle has the following:
Fully open-sided with custom-designed permanent camera column for maximum versatility and smooth camera operation.
180 Degrees opening doors allowing low-angle filming from the vehicle.
Removable filming door with custom-made 3-axis camera mounts fitted with 150mm Arri bowls.
Filming platforms
Removable canvas canopies & roof sections, allowing for filming in adverse weather.
190-liter fuel capacity
FM, VHF radio comms.
GPS and hand-held radios.
Electric 12V refrigerators for heat-sensitive equipment (and beers for sundowners!)
Inverters for charging camera batteries

We are a passionate team with the vision of delivering
the best & exiting experience for customers