WildEx is made up of young and dedicated team of East African professional safari and wildlife guides. Together, we believe in BUSHCRAFTS, PROFESSIONALISM, and ENTHUSIASM as our niche and that’s what drives us in making your safari experience MAGICAL. We are What We Do to make Africa a Lifetime Experience!
Our aim is to help our clients “Make Africa a Lifetime Experience” through nature photography and great safari experiences. To enable our clients to get the best, we have partnered with some of the best international award-winning photographers who joins our safaris as photographic guides and workshops.

“It was fantastic going on the sled to see the views on the mountains! And the action of it – I loved going fast!”


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    Jane Bennett

Fixer & Film Agent

WildEx is led by an experienced wildlife videographer which puts us in a good position of being able to fix and assist your next filming in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda. We do all the fixer things that are critical to any filming in the industry – We organize and obtain: licenses and permits, permissions, transport, importation of equipements /gear, accommodation, sourcing local equipment (aerial filming, cameras e.t.c), and pre-location survey.


“The best fixer in wildlife and nature filming!”

Our Services

Private Guiding

An African safari can be the best thing you will ever do in the universe. However, this is always true by having a dedicated guide who introduces the experience. Having been in the industry, the WildEx team understands all the aspects of having a private guide.

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Travel Services

WildEx Safari Fixers operates right on the ground. We give recommendations and advice on the best DESTINATIONS, TIMINGS, and FACILITIES in the region to enable that you get the best wildlife experience.

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Wildlife Safaris

Wildlife photography and viewing in Africa is so intense. East Africa alone offers unlimited opportunities for wildlife photographers and wildlife lovers. Our wildlife tours and safaris are carefully crafted and hand-picked to enhance the best experiences.

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